Altern-i-life is an interactive musical about the meeting of two worlds. Set during the dawn of the Internet, the film explores the inhabitants of a grey and remote English town and the parallel lives they develop in a vibrant online realm.


The story is set in a classic English town. It's a bit grubby, and a bit grey, and everyone's a little bit grumpy. From most appearances it's local and it's happy, but something's just a little — 'off'.

The film revolves around seven townsfolk, and how they live out their dreams and desires in an alternative online community, Altern-i-life; a place of freedom and limitless possibility. This provides a sense of hope amongst the drab and dull monotony of rural England. It's a town within a town, where fresh starts and new identities can be born. However, we quickly discover that Altern-i-life is being shut down, due to lack of funding. In the final moments of an online apocalypse, we see how dependent our townspeople have become on their parallel identities. After a big opening number you choose which character to visit, The Sentimental Butcher or The Optimistic Homeless Man and the journey begins...

Altern-i-life, like all great Musicals, is a tale of love and loss, an adventure through an undiscovered world of secrets, songs and the good and evil characters that dwell within. For our colourful characters the end of this world tests friendships, challenges morals and preconceptions, and creates romance. The different paths you choose, and the different songs you hear, will give you changing perspectives on how the ending of one world will change the other. It could make you laugh, bring you to tears of joy, or cause you to cry out with despair! A new Musical journey every time you watch!

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